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Do you really know the common species of solid wood slab?

2023/06/16 11:31:43

Generally speaking, solid wood furniture is divided into three categories: all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and solid wood veneer furniture.

1. All solid wood furniture: Refers to furniture made of solid wood sawn timber or solid wood panels for all wooden parts (except mirror pallets and beading).

Pure solid wood is the thickest material, with rich and natural appearance texture, can be made into various shapes, and the edges can be made very smooth, which is impossible for solid wood veneer furniture. Because all solid wood furniture has high requirements on the production process, the price of all solid wood furniture is relatively expensive.

2. The material composition of the solid wood furniture

| Solid lamination  board |

The relatively narrow solid wood boards are spliced horizontally one by one. According to the width of each board, it can be divided into wide board straight splicing (the width of a single piece of wood is more than 10CM) and standard board straight splicing (the width of a single piece of wood is 6-10CM. ).

Due to the different processing techniques in the presented texture, it is divided into chord-sawn board and quarter-sawn board. To put it simply, solid wood straight jigsaw panels are the most authentic and genuine solid wood furniture materials.

| Finger joint plate |

Small pieces of wood are spliced horizontally and vertically to make large boards. According to the splicing process, they are divided into hot splicing boards and cold splicing boards.

Although the material of the finger-joint board is more fragmented than the straight-up board, it is still considered to be one of the materials used for solid wood furniture in the true sense, and even in some respects it is a better choice than the straight-up board.

| Solid wood veneer |

This kind of board is more interesting, and it is also a common material for many businesses to confuse concepts. We are very clear about changing the scientific name: ecological board, blockboard.

This panel consists of facing and core material. The veneer is made of better rotary-cut veneer, and the core material is made of more cost-effective wood—such as fir.

In the national standard, this kind of board can only be counted as man-made board! However, the proportion of solid wood material is very high.

| solid wood particle board |

This kind of board is mainly made of pressed wood shavings or wood fibers.

Solid wood particle board does not belong to the category of solid wood furniture by definition, but its practicality is still possible.

| solid wood fiberboard |

This board also has a standard name: MDF. The twigs and shavings are crushed, soaked, ground into wood pulp, then pressed and formed, and dried to form a board.

Like the previous solid wood particle board, even if it is pasted with a real real wood veneer, it cannot conceal its non-solid wood identity.

3. wood that makes up the furniture

The material and production process of solid wood furniture are very demanding. If there is a problem in any process, it may cause cracking and loose joints, or the whole set of furniture may be deformed or even unusable.

Therefore, the price of wood varies widely, so how much do you know about the common wood in solid wood furniture?

1. Pine wood

Pine wood is relatively cheap in solid wood furniture. Its advantage is that it has a log feel, which is more suitable for natural wind decoration, and has a relatively large coverage rate and is more environmentally friendly.

It is currently the choice of many people, especially in children's and handmade DIY furniture. The disadvantage of pine is that it is relatively soft, cannot bear too much weight, and is easy to deform and crack.

2. Rubber wood

The furniture made of rubber wood trunk is very cost-effective, don't confuse rubber wood with oak, oak is much more expensive.

Because of the short growth cycle and wide range of wood sources, it has strong plasticity and easy coloring during production, and is durable and wear-resistant after molding. Its disadvantage is that the wood density is relatively loose, it is not easy to dry, and the board processing is also easy to deform.

3. Birch

Birch is relatively cheap. The overall texture is obvious and straight, the texture is soft or moderate, and it is often deformed after it is finished. Therefore, it is rare to see tables and chairs made entirely of birch, and it is mostly used as the core material of other furniture or inlaid flowers. Material.

4. Ash

Ash is a relatively common wood in furniture, and the price is also affordable. The advantage is that it is harder and more wear-resistant than pine furniture. The wood grain is clear and beautiful, with good corrosion resistance and water resistance, easy processing, high toughness, good coloring performance, and good decoration. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to dry, easy to warp, and the sense of craftsmanship is not strong.

5. Elm

Elm is mostly used in traditional Chinese furniture, especially in Ming and Qing furniture. It is called "Northern Elm South Beech" with the beech produced in the south.

The advantage is that its wood is tough, the texture is clear, and the hardness and strength are moderate. It can be used for general openwork reliefs, and it can also make exquisite carving crafts.

The disadvantage is that if the furniture made of elm is not handled properly, it is easy to get insects.

6. Beech wood

Many northerners think of beech as the elm of the south. Its advantages are beautiful texture, soft tone, uniform and smooth wood texture, and strong hardness comparable to mahogany. It is a common material for Chinese folk furniture. Many Ming and Qing furniture handed down are beech furniture.

The disadvantage is that beech wood will have different colors and densities due to different tree ages. When dry, it is prone to cracks and deformations, which affects the appearance and use.

7. Oak wood

Oak and rubber wood are two completely different types of wood. There are red oak and white oak, and white oak furniture is more expensive.

The texture is natural and clear, and the wood is hard. After being made into furniture, it is durable and stable, and many of them are made into European-style furniture.

There are very few high-quality oaks in China, so high-end ones can only be processed through imported oak channels, and the price is relatively expensive.

8. Maple wood

Maple wood is a high-grade wood with staggered grains, light weight and hard texture, fine patterns, harmonious colors and no scars.

The disadvantage is that the cut surface of maple wood is not smooth enough, and the furniture made of it does not feel good. At the same time, maple wood has a relatively large drying shrinkage, and it is easy to warp when dry, which affects the aesthetics of the furniture.

9. Cherry wood

Cherry wood is a high-grade wood with fine and clear texture, good polishing and good painting effect, suitable for high-end furniture. The disadvantage is that cherry wood is easy to crack and warp, so it is not suitable for large-sized furniture. It is mostly used to make small furniture and toys.

10. Teak wood

Teak is known as the king of ten thousand woods. It is a famous and precious wood species. It has fine and beautiful texture, firm and durable wood, and the smallest expansion and contraction among all woods. It is not easy to deform, corrode and crack under various environments. It contains natural teak fragrance , can purify the air and relieve emotions. Of course, the price goes without saying, one word, expensive!

11. Black Walnut

It is a precious wood with fine and uniform structure, glossy surface, straight texture, luxury, dark color, noble and strange, which is an appropriate description for it. The furniture made of black walnut can also be called the nobility of furniture.

12. Ash wood

Ash wood furniture has high raw material density, high strength, hard texture and toughness, wear resistance and moisture resistance, dry shrinkage, and is not easy to age and deform. It is the best among the same type of wood species, and it is only used in high-end furniture in North America.

The coloring, gluing and polishing performance of ash wood is good. It is more difficult to cut and shape furniture, and domestic furniture manufacturers rarely use it. Ash wood is currently mainly used as a first-class material for high-end furniture and flooring. In recent years, due to many restrictions on the export of ash wood in the country of origin, the ash wood furniture made has become more precious.

Here we sincerely invite you to pay attention to us, and we will show you more cases and stories of solid wood panels. Choosing us means choosing high-quality quality and professional team services, so that you can have real solid wood furniture. Woodyoulike brand you deserve it.


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