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Electrical Standing Height Adjustable Walnut Desk Office Table Are Popular Recently

2023/08/02 17:28:42
When comes to the office desk, which types of it you use? Is it tradictional style or new popular style?

Today we would like to share you guys our walnut solid wood electrical height adjustable office desk.
whatever from the table quality or the desk standing design all is excellent and meet the aesthetic design of human body.
For the office desk table we use south american walnut solid wood, for the desktop processing we have full stave design panel, walnut slab, finger joint design options.
Walnut is highly prized for its natural beauty. Its deep, chocolate brown color .Compared to other types of wood, walnut is relatively stable and less prone to warping or shrinking due to changes in humidity and temperature. This stability helps maintain the structural integrity of the table, reducing the risk of cracks or distortions over time.

Solid wood office table top order regular size :120*60*3.5cm/140*80*3.5cm/ 180*90*3.5cm, other size is available.
Also we have live edge walnut table top and staright edge walnut table top option.

According to your table size, we will match the table standing suit size to you. For our match electrical height adjustable office desk standing, we have dual motor and single motor option.
So far we optimized product structure, so that the product to the customer's hands more easy to install and convenient to use.

Like dual motor standing, the height adjust range 46cm-129cm, weight capacity can up to 150kg, auto height adjust. Black andwhite option.

Our Package
The tabletop and electrical standing machnisim we will pack with a carton seprately so that we can better protect the desk before our customer receive.

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