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Why does a river table cause splits?

2023/04/13 16:39:58
A friend came to me recently and asked, do river tables crack? When does a river table cause splits? In fact, this is caused by the selected resin glue, please read the article below for details.
The river table technology is a combination of logs and resin. The main feature of resin is that it is a transparent liquid. If you add pigments into it, you can simulate your favorite color, such as the ocean.

In recent years, this kind of creative furniture has become more and more popular. Its unique appearance conforms to the life concept and aesthetic concept of modern people, but this kind of river table craft is not so easy to make. The river table is being made There are two kinds of problems that are most likely to occur in the process, one is the problem of endless bubbles, and the other is the problem of cracking of the river table that we are going to talk about today.
Will the river table crack

First of all, we need to know why the river table cracks. As we all know, the river table needs to use resin glue when making the river table. When the resin glue is mixed with AB, because the resin glue does not meet the characteristics of the thick filling product, it will produce a lot of When the heat is released and the heat exceeds the temperature that the resin itself can withstand, the resin will crack. If the resin cracks, then the river table will fail this time.

This situation is mainly due to the fact that the common resin glue on the market itself cannot be filled with products that are too thick. Basically, the thickness of each resin that can be filled has a critical point. This critical point is the same as the manufacturer chooses when making resin glue. It is related to the inferior materials of high-quality goods, you get what you pay for, and it is better to choose expensive quality.

Common ordinary resin glues on the market generally have a thickness of 1-2 cm for irrigation. This kind of resin glue is very cheap. If we want to use this resin glue, we must pay attention to it when operating. Don’t irrigate too thickly. Layer irrigation, that is to say, we can irrigate 1-2 cm at the beginning, and then irrigate 1-2 cm after about two hours.


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