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what are rain tree suar wood and what are they use in solid wood funiture?

2023/07/07 11:36:11
What is a rain tree?
This beloved and iconic tree has many names. Known in Malay as samanea saman, suar wood tree, the monkey pod, the five o'clock tree and "Pukul Lima", the rain tree is a medium-sized tree that can grow up to 30 meters in cities, but in Its natural habitat in South America can grow up to 60 meters.

The magic of this tree is that its leaves fold in the evening on rainy days, hence the name "five o'clock tree".
The dark brown colour of black walnut, with its large rainforest grain, is a popular choice for European and American customers, whether for dining tables, desks, kitchen tables, benches or small furniture such as chopping boards, bookcases and spiral staircases.

Use of suar wood rain wood edge suarwood shelving
Easy to install and care for, solid wood bookcase.

2.round suarwood coffee table top

Classic style sets off the leisurely upscale decor of the cafe

3.suar wood & walnut slab live edge cutting board
Durable chopping board for home use

4.multi-strip walnut wide plank table
match with solid wood standing, wholeset suarwood table looks more compatible and elegent.

5.walnut stained finger joint beech stairs

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